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Dimago for landlords

Dimago.ch is a webapplication for the administration of holiday apartments. It allows easy integration with existing websites to enable them with comprehensive online booking possibilities.

As an internet based software application it requires no installation of any client software at all. Furthermore we take charge of backups and software updates so the users can fully concentrate on their core business without worring about any IT related issues.

Dimago.ch ist das offizielle Buchungssystem des Verbandes Schweizer FerienwohnungsvermieterInnen swissapartments.ch.

Unlimited users for each landlord
Every landlord may add an unlimited number of users to his account. All these users have access to all data of their respective landlord. Thus all employees or family members share a data base which is always uptodate.

Integrated email
With the landlord's confirmation of a booking the system automatically generates a standard email in the tenants own language. This email may be edited by the landlord and directly sent to the guest. A copy of the email will be stored in the data base and is easily available for future reference with a link on the booking itself.

For the convenience of the landlord several notification means such as email, SMS and Fax are available. The landlord may define criteria to determine what kind of notifications should be sent to which address as a reaction on online bookings.

Cost transparency
Cost transparency is guaranteed to both tenants and landlords. Tenants see at the time of booking the exact cost of the rent with all additional costs and in their own currency. The system converts the prices in more than 60 currencies with daily updatedexchange rates.

Landlords at the other may constantly see the amount of commission accrued so far with real time update for every booking.

Integrated accounting
With each booking an entry is made in the apartment ledger for rent, additional costs as well as commission and notification costs in case the booking is subject to these.

For every booking an entry is made in the online agenda for arrival and departure dates.

Guest reviews
Holiday guests are asked some time after their holiday for an assessment of the apartment and the holiday spent in the region. Of these assessments an average is calculated and used as a further means of describing the apartment. The average and the individual assessments are accessible to visitors on the apartment website.

Holiday apartment category
Apartments are automatically categorized according to the requirement catalog of the Swiss Tourism Association. The category is based on the detailed description of the apartment as entered by it's landlord. Guests are given the possibilty to search for this comprehensive list of attributes to find the apartment perfectly matching their whishes.

our pricing
Price per year and apartment (booking system)149.00 SFr.

we classify your apartment at cost price and charge only the fee of the Swiss Tourism Federation.50.00 SFr.
Price per SMS0.25 SFr.
Price per Fax0.70 SFr.
Price per apartment for scanning photographs.20.00 SFr.
We draw the ground plan of your apartment.40.00 SFr.


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